800 Toll Free Number Voice Mail Virtual Office Solutions

800 Toll Free Number is now offering a new way to look at small, medium, and large size business' toll free virtual office and telecommunication services

Do you need an 800 Toll Free Number Voice Mail Virtual Office Solutions?
   800 Toll Free Number is now offering a new way to look at small, medium, and large size business' toll free virtual office and telecommunication services. We now offer all inclusive services, no more need to decide what service your business needs and can afford. Virtually all we have to offer is now included. The only difference between the plans are the number of voice mail boxes, number of minutes included, the price for addition minutes over your included minutes, and a few other features. Not to mention a 30 day FREE trial period. Where you can try our services to see if they meet your needs, we also now have the new 855 toll free extension as well.

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   We know in today's business climate that every penny counts. We also know that you the intelligent business person have many choices in the toll free number industry. We hope with the new plans and services we are offering, that there is no choice in your mind. We put these plans together to support you the business person, not our bottom line. To that end the following services that we offer that are not included free of charge, but they are available for a small fee, these services are:
  1. Local area number's
  2. Transfer an existing toll free number
  3. Vanity Number (You chose the exact number to spell something)
  4. A True 800 number. (Although we do not recommend a true 800 number)

   Get your Affordable 800 toll free number and voicemail system. Starting from $9.95 a month and as low as 3.9¢ cents per minute (with select plan). Features include multiple voice mail boxes, live call transfer, caller ID, music-on-hold, call screening, message notification, fax services, Teleconferencing, and much much more.

   Create the impression of a single office by assigning private extensions to each employee regardless of location. With the follow me live call forwarding with both time and day settings. You can have your employee's called no matter where they are. Also give callers automated announcements with sub-menu mailboxes and fax-on-demand documentation. All included with each system.

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   Get notified of voice and fax messages via phone, e-mail, or even your pager. With FREE SMS text messaging services included, you can even get a text message to your cell phone. In addition you can have hundreds of callers at the same time without any of your caller's ever getting a busy signal.

   Studies have shown consumers perceive a business with an 800 toll free number to be more established and reliable, even if the caller is in the same area code. And, with our vanity number option, your toll free number will be easier to remember. We have helped tens of thousands of home, small, medium, and large organizations such as Microsoft, CBS and The San Diego Zoo. Based on these satisfied customer's, we know we can help you too!

   We strictly (only) provide a virtual 800 toll free number and voice mail service. Which means you do not need anything other then a telephone. That's correct no other products required. Our service runs virtually on our servers where all of your recordings are held, and where the routing of the calls comes into play. A call comes into your toll free number it hits our servers first, where your initial greeting is played. at some point (that you decide) the call is then transfer to the phone number's you have predetermined.

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   If you are in the real estate industry and need a more robust system head over and take a look at 800 Ad Trakker