800 Toll Free Number Testimonials From Some of our Satisfied customers

"You guys are absolutely great! You give such great and personal service. Not only personal, but fun...very fun to work with. I never met a group of guys in business like you. That is the greatest testimony I could give. Thank you again!"
- David Kent, Downer's Grove, IL

"Of over 24 million that I did last year, 12 million was through my FVS System."
- Brian R. Hutchison, KS
"This is my second attempt at establishing a toll-free voice mail service. After all of the hassles in my first attempt (from a different company, of course), I was worried about what might transpire with Freedom VOICE. Thank you so much for proving that some companies still do make it a point to live up to their promises. I really appreciate the efficient service and comprehensive instructions. I think I spent only 20 minutes setting up the system in a way to perfectly match my needs and I'm thrilled that with the mirrored mailboxes that it will be able to grow with my needs since I will be using the system primarily as a tool for providing 24 hour information on the homes I have listed."
- Di Dial, GA
"Just wanted to thank you for the great statistics system. I'm still getting the hang of it, but it makes my job so much easier, and my business so much more effective."
- Marcus Gill, Metairie, LA
"As a mobile company, working with Freedom VOICE Systems has not only helped to increase our business volume, but it has revolutionized how we approach Customer Support and Sales efficiency. Our staff is able to field calls from our clients anywhere we have a phone available! By using the Freedom VOICE System Solution we saved our company $100,000+ in new phone equipment that does a quarter of what Freedom VOICE gives us. Thanks again Freedom VOICE!!! We couldn't have done it without you! "
- George Ama III, Provo, UT
- CEO,
"I'm writing to say that I've been very impressed with your service to date. You've helped me operate my business more efficiently and profitably than before. Thank you!!!"
- Ken Miller Holstein, IA
"Thank you SO MUCH! By the way, I just LOVE being able to check my messages right from the Freedom VOICE website! That is so awesome!"
- Anneta G. Marysville, KS
"You rock! Just tested out the paging and it worked right away. Thanks so much! You guys really have great customer service."
- Mia L., Santa Monica, CA
"I can't thank you enough for taking the time to help me. The instructions you gave made all the difference in setting up my phone system. I didn't realize how great Freedom VOICE really is. Thanks again for truly caring about your customers!"
- Kathleen A., Duluth, GA
"You have great customer service at FVS! I get responses within minutes!"
- Steve D., Maynard, MA
"Thank you! Our business is EXPLODING and we rely on your Freedom VOICE System for a major part of our success. I really do appreciate your help!"
- John M., Marcella, AR
"Just a note to let you know that we're very happy with our Freedom VOICE System. We already have clients complimenting us on it!"
- Chris S., Toronto Canada
"This thing is awesome, everything we've been needing for years, without the hassle of trying to get our computer to do it."
- Jon H., McHenry, IL
"Just wanted to let you know how great your system is. We love it!! It is very powerful and easy to configure using the web interface. We love the fact that we can work anywhere in the world and still get calls and manage our voice-mail. It's pretty cool retrieving our voice-mail message in Europe just by going into an internet cafe! We hope that as we grow, we'll be able to grow our system through you. As things stand, we don't see why we would EVER invest in the hardware and support services for a phone/voice-mail system."
- Stephane D., Ontario Canada
"Thanks, works beautifully! What a system!"
- Nan and Roland F., McLean, VA